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It can be difficult choosing a charitable organization that you wish to support when they are so many that do good for their constituents. Those that aid the military and our veterans can be even harder to decipher in an unfortunate crowd of charities that take advantage of these situations.

Many donors want to help not only members of the military themselves, but the families affected, and, of course, veterans. Below are just some of the many military charities that do make a difference with their contributions thanks to donors across the country.

Air Force Aid Society

Also known as AFAS, this is the official charity of the United States Air Force dedicated to helping official Airmen and their family members, including emergency assistance, educational costs, and grievance counseling for widows and widowers. Those interested in donating can do so via cash or check, educational donations, gifts for service members or their families, and much more.

National Military Family Association

This organization provides help for families of military members across every branch. Being in a time of need quite frequently, spouses, children, and parents of active members can benefit greatly from the National Military Family Association’s efforts. In addition to providing a voice for this demographic, the organization offers a number of resources that donors can contribute to via gifts, cash, and volunteering one’s time.

Disabled American Veterans Charitable Service Trust

Coming home from active duty is anything but simple. Veterans that have endured physical and psychological trauma can find solace in the DAV Charitable Service Trust through many different rehabilitation programs. Whether battling PTSD or mobility following the loss of a limb, veterans working alongside this great program are given all the help they need. Donors can submit online or mail-in checks/cash, gift matching, and more.

National Veterans Foundation

A crucial charity in the wake of battle, the National Veterans Foundation offers assistance to veterans and their families dealing with any type of crisis. There is a hotline for those to call facing psychological events or those struggling with PTSD, as well as goods and services such as food, clothing, and transportation. This is a great organization for raising awareness of veterans’ needs.

Fisher House Foundation, Inc.

Family members of military men or women often have to deal with relocation depending on their relative’s assigned duties. However, injuries sustained during active duty may also require that serviceman or woman to undergo treatment at a remote location. The Fisher House Foundation offers lodging for the family members of an injured soldier near where they receiving treatment. Donors can give frequent flyer miles, hotel reward points, monetary gifts, and even transportation.

Operation Homefront

Widely regarded as one of the best military charities for financial stability, Operation Homefront supports veterans and their families through short and long-term assistance in order to ensure they are able to take care of themselves immediately following active duty. Those interested in helping can volunteer, organize a fundraiser, donate online or by mail, and assist families of their choice.