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Knowing how to effectively generate funds to donate to a cause you feel passionately about can separate an active donor from a passive one. Holding a community-wide fundraising event is one way to do just that. The trick is developing a event that large groups of people are interested in and want to attend. In order to achieve that, consider some of the following ideas when developing your next fundraiser.

Athletic Events

Hosting a 5K marathon, bike race, or charitable baseball game are engaging ways of getting people come out and contribute to a cause. This is also an instance in which you can provide peer-to-peer fundraising, also known as social fundraising. This is another form of crowdfunding that allows donors to create their own personal pages linking back to your event. Instead of entry fees, raising money upon registration across multiple platforms will yield much higher returns.

Guest Speakers

Booking a well-known personality, whether a celebrity or local expert, is another excellent way to advertise your event and inspire people to come out and show their support. An individual who strongly believes in the cause you are promoting brings forth another voice to the task at hand, and can be an amazing source of inspiration for others. Be sure to effectively market this event should you choose this route. Advertising on social media, flyers, and direct mailing promotions can spread the word.

Community Betterment

Towns and cities are bustling with people everyday. This often leads to pollution to some extent, and the need for assistance on nearly all facets of society. Hosting an event in which donors and/or group members assist in cleaning up their community inspires more to come out and contribute. It’s a great act of selflessness that comes with an array of mental health benefits as well. These chores can be anything from planting gardens, to cleaning up litter, to volunteering at a homeless shelter.

Garage Sales

Whether it’s on your own front lawn or an expansive lot in town, encouraging donors to sell any unused items of theirs can be a mutually beneficial practice. In addition to raising funds through sales, these items are being given to those in need. Ask those interested in contributing to reserve booths ahead of time. It’s best to know how many are going to come out so you can plan ahead.

No matter how you plan raise funds through community involvement, a joint effort to contribute to a great cause is an inspiring act. Consider any of the aforementioned strategies if you are planning on hosting an event in the near future.