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Martin Hudler


Martin Hudler has worked in the real estate industry for the past four decades. Due to his strong work ethic and commitment to his clients, he has experienced a great deal of success. Martin recognizes how fortunate he is, and as a result, he never hesitates to give back to his community. In particular, Martin is dedicated to assisting the United States Armed Forces in any way that he can. Martin estimates that he has donated more than $500,000 to various organizations that help the country’s military forces.

While Martin Hudler is proud of the financial success he has had over the years, he believes that true success is the ability to help those less fortunate. For many years Martin served as the Chairman of Global Centurion, a nonprofit that fights human trafficking. Many people don’t realize it, but slavery still exists in the world. Sex trafficking and child soldiers are just two forms of slavery that exist in the world. Global Centurion works to combat modern slavery through research programs, advocacy, and strategic partnerships. Martin is proud that he got the opportunity to work with Global Centurion, and he still supports their work today.

In addition to working with Global Centurion, Martin Hudler has consistently given back to various organizations that support America’s soldiers. Martin is thankful for everything that the military does for the country, and he is happy to support it in any way that he can. Although there are many organizations that Martin consistently supports, he has also contributed to natural disaster relief efforts and various other organizations over the years. For example, after hurricane Katrina, he donated over $800,000 in clothing to the victims of the disaster. He also recently donated $150,000 to his daughter’s school district so that a new play structure could be constructed.

Professional Overview

Martin Hudler has been involved in the real estate industry for his entire life. His experience includes asset management, investing, and development among many other areas. Martin has traveled all over the United States for his work including major cities like New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles. The variety of the work means that Martin is never bored, and he gets the opportunity to work with individuals from a variety of backgrounds.

Martin Hudler’s in-depth knowledge of the commercial, retail, multifamily, numerous real estate markets and the factors influencing each of these markets; enables him to clearly understand and develop strategies necessary for success in a ever changing environment. Martin sources and acquires various development and investment opportunities, which include; commercial, industrial, retail, multifamily and mixed-use assets. Many of the properties which are acquired, need to be repositioned in order to maximize the true market value of the asset.

Martin primarily pursues multifamily acquisition opportunities where he can unlock value through a multitude of strategies, including institutional management, rehabilitation, repositioning, investment for capital expenditures, remodeling and creative recapitalization. Previous clients include pension funds, private partnerships, international investors, insurance companies, lenders, developers, government agencies and high net-worth individuals. List of clientele and partners available upon request.

Martin attributes his success, in part, to his commitment to honesty and relationship building. When it comes to selling anything, Martin believes that the relationship between the salesperson and the buyer is a big factor in whether the sale will be successful or not. Martin treats every client with respect, and he works hard on their behalf. In return, he has achieved a lot of success over the years which he is grateful for.